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Midwifery Care

Are you looking to schedule for a new pregnancy? 
Call 907-456-8191, option 2, or request an appointment through our patient portal.

Chena Health has three Certified Nurse Midwives on our team, click here to learn more about them. Here are ten reasons you should consider making your next appointment with one of our midwives.

Our goal is to help you have the birth you want and what makes sense for your circumstances. We do our best to assist you, and support your use of relaxation techniques such as the use of the labor tub, or other techniques. Delayed cord clamping, and skin-to-skin contact with your infant after delivery can be important techniques to encourage mother-infant bonding and successful breastfeeding. Letting a woman choose her birth position may decrease the time and discomforts of pushing.

1. Midwives are Specialists in Natural Childbirth

Did you know that, in Alaska, nearly a third of non C-section births are done by midwives? Using a nurse midwife gives you the best chance to have a supported natural birth, in a safe environment.

2. We Deliver Medicated and Non-medicated Births

If you choose to have a midwife for your birth, you have the full range of pain control options, including natural options.  Epidurals, IV pain medications, and laughing gas are available. While other patients choose aromatherapy, massage, or hydrotherapy.  We want to support you in the choices you make during the labor and birth process.

3. We Deliver in the Hospital Setting

We are proud to be associated with the Women's Center at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, which offers private rooms where labor, delivery and recovery take place. A labor tub is available to help a woman relax through the birth process. Because we deliver in the hospital setting, emergency situations can be handled promptly and safely.

4. We Provide Assistance in High Risk Pregnancies

A high risk pregnancy does not mean a midwife can't be part of the care team. We are experienced at recognizing when your pregnancy develops complications, and we will bring in the right specialists to help you.  We will often help coordinate your care.

5. We Manage Our Own Patients

The majority of births are attended to by your chosen midwife rather than the "on-call" health care provider.  We want to be with you every step of the way to ensure the healthiest birth possible.

6. We Offer In-Office Ultrasounds

Being experienced providers in the pregnancy process, we are skilled at using ultrasound to determine baby's position, ensure that there is enough amniotic fluid, and maybe even see baby's heartbeat for the first time!

7. Insurance Covers Midwifery Services

All major insurance carriers, including Denali KidCare, will cover nurse midwife deliveries and visits with your midwife in the office, just as it would if you choose to see a doctor.

8. We Know Women's Health

Nurse midwives see women through the lifespan even for menopausal issues, well woman visits and for problem visits. We are skilled in offering a full range of contraceptive options.

9. We Deliver Medical Education

Office visits with our midwives are generally longer than you will find with other health care providers, and we would love to help answer any questions you have as you move along in your pregnancy, or questions you have about your health.

10. We Listen To Our Patients

Our midwives will listen to your preferences, and values. We will help guide you and your baby to a safe and comfortable birth through shared decision making. You should feel like you have a say in your health.

Courtney Amundson, CNM
Heidi May, CNM
DeLys Cooks, CNM

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