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As a service to our patients, for visits that do not require a physical exam and face to face encounter, we are offering telephone visits (audio only) and Telehealth visits through the web portal on a computer, or Healow app (audio and video) on your phone.  

Telephone visit

Expect to be called by your provider at the scheduled time - although realize that we are extremely busy currently, and so we might call a few minutes late.  When you make the appointment, please let us know your preferred number to call.  The number might say it is coming from Chena Health, or it might come from a blocked number.  

Telehealth visit

Through the Healow app on your phone:  (Not available on Samsung phones due to some known security issues)













   1.  Open Healow app                               2. Tap appointments                         3. Tap start TeleVisit                        4. Submit vitals (or don't)









                                                                                      5. Start TeleVisit.  Your provider will be notified that you are ready to be seen.














Through the Health Portal (computer with webcam):

1. Arrive early: by logging in to your Patient Portal.  If you can’t access the Portal, you can also begin your appointment through the reminder link sent to your email.

2. Click “Join TeleVisit” in your patient dashboard (or email reminder).
3. Fill out any patient questionnaire and provide requested information.
4. Click “Proceed” to check your computer’s speed and ability to support a TeleVisit.  If your computer does not have a webcam, you will need to attach one.  If you would like to change to a telephone visit, call our front desk 456-8191.
5. Click “Start TeleVisit” to enter the virtual waiting room.
6. Your provider will begin the face-to-face TeleVisit, and disconnect when the visit ends.